Fees and Cancellations

Once a session is booked, I reserve that time for your matter.


Unless alternate arrangements are made for payment by an insurer, a deposit is required from each party, at the time of booking, that represents the approximate cost of the mediation, room charges and applicable taxes.


Fees charged include:

  • Preparation for the scheduled session including review of pleadings, briefs and/or other materials
  • Neutral meeting facilities in person or on the zoom platform
  • Mediation discussions for the scheduled day
  • Internet access

The mediation agreement to be signed by the parties and lawyers, obliges the lawyers to be responsible for advance payment of a requested monetary deposit and the balance of the account rendered after the mediation. Lawyers are encouraged to ensure that necessary financial arrangements have been made with clients prior to booking a mediation.


I am committed to being thoroughly prepared for all bookings and to give parties my undivided attention during your scheduled time. As a result, if you cancel, I may be unable to work on other matters.

If a booking is cancelled less than 60 days prior to the scheduled date(s), 50% of the total per diem fee (multiplied by the number of days booked) will be charged as a cancellation fee, unless the cancelled day(s) can be booked with another matter. If a booking is cancelled with less than 30 days notice, the total per diem fee (multiplied by the number of days booked) will be charged as a cancellation fee unless the cancelled days can be booked by another matter. In addition to the cancellation fee the parties will be charged for all time devoted to the matter.

Please note that all parties shall equally share any cancellation fees charged unless otherwise agreed by the parties. In all circumstances cancellation charges are to the account of the Lawyers.