Thanks, Larry. Thanks for your persistence to get this done. I.E.
Thanks for your assistance. It was a pleasure working with you. I was very impressed with your knowledge of the matter. It was clear that you took the time to “dig into” the briefs and truly understand the dispute. That helped greatly in getting to a resolution as both parties understood that your opinion was an educated, informed view. J.D.
You did a fantastic job today. Thank you for staying late as well. T.L.
Great work today. Thanks for your patience in staying to get the minutes of settlement signed. B.V.
Kudos! My client reports sleeping well last night for the first time in many years. M.S.
A very tough, but ultimately successful mediation - we both very much appreciate your extra effort (going late), and the considerable mediation skills you demonstrated in getting a deal done today. T.M.
Larry, thank you again for all of your hard work. We couldn't have done it without you! I.M.

Thank you, Larry. We really needed your help to cross the finish line. Our clients were so appreciative of your efforts through both stages of the mediation. M.G.

Larry, you have the magic touch. Thanks for caring so much to stay above and beyond. C.A.

Thanks Larry – we really appreciate your assistance with this one. P.P.

That was a great job today. Thanks for the effort. M.D.

Larry, as always, amazing work by you. Thank You. J.S.

Thanks for all of your hard work yesterday. I think we managed to achieve a fair outcome for both sides and it was in large part due to your efforts. A. W. T

hx for your help, Larry. You added value. A la prochaine— P.P.

Larry, your efforts were greatly appreciated. I’m sorry the negotiations kept you kept you in Waterloo until the early morning hours. Your skill set, understanding of commercial disputes and the “deep dive” you always take into the facts was critical, in my view, to getting a resolution in this matter. J.D.

You did a wonderful analysis yesterday. Well done! Thanks for your effort. H.S.

Thanks for your work on this matter. I liked the last move which enabled us to get settled. C. B.

Fantastic job. I had zero optimism heading into that mediation and even less when ** dug in at $900k. Kudos. P.M.

Thank you for your excellent work. I honestly did not believe the matter would resolve, and but for your impressive efforts I am sure it would not have. M.K.

My client and I appreciate your hard work in getting this case resolved. I look forward to working together again in the future. S.B.

Heartfelt thanks for your hard work, tact and perseverance in bringing this difficult and complex case to this point. It looks like all the banter between counsel over picking the right mediator was worthwhile. A.B.

Absolutely masterful. Truly
Many thanks. These clients needed a resolution. C.P.

You are Top Dog the best. Period
When the going gets tough call on Larry. R.B.

“Concerning Mr Banack, I was impressed with his professionalism and how he dealt with the matter. I also appreciated his kindness toward me during the mediation. I am really thankful that he was able to help us to reach a deal.” F. K.

Good job Larry. That is why I recommended you. C.L

It was a pleasure working with you and the client is very appreciative of your hard work. Thank you again. N.K.

Larry, Thank you for your assistance in this matter. It could not have been resolved without your guidance throughout. W.F.

Thank you for your unbelievable efforts yesterday. You did nothing less than perform magic and I’m incredibly impressed and humbled by your performance and the result you achieved. I did not think it was possible. You don’t need to hear this from me, but you are amazing at what you do, and I have tremendous respect for your approach and your unwillingness to accept defeat when it seems like the inevitable result. It is truly a pleasure to have been present for yesterday. M.K.

Larry,I thought you did a great job getting a contentious matter resolved, and I truly appreciate your helpful (and accurate) advice towards the end of the day. C.R.

It was really great meeting you yesterday and working with you. I found your style toward mediation and your litigation experience was very effective. I will certainly keep you in mind for future similar files. A.F.

Larry, you remained patient and calm during the negotiation process and did an excellent job to resolve a complicated commercial dispute with difficult clients. Thanks very much. R.C.

Thank you for getting this done. While both sides are unhappy they are relieved the dispute is resolved. They would not have been happier in litigation. That’s for sure. It was a pleasure working with you. C. L.

Thanks Larry. You were instrumental in getting this done – it would not have happened without you shepherding this through. Thanks for accommodating the timing. J.W.

Thanks for your help and usual great job. SS.